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Industry Partners



BVD Steering Committee

BVD Steering Committee

Andrew Weir

Stuart Bruere Peter Blaikie Peter Anderson
Teresa Hoyle Andrew Bates John Pickering Fraser Hill


Government and Industry

Beef Lamb New Zealand DairyNZ Ministry Of Primary Industries OSPRI
Chris Houston Nita Harding John O'Connell Kevin Crews


Mary van Andel



Pharmaceutical Companies

ZOETIS MSD Thermo Fisher
Wayne Clough John Moffat Michael Zalunardo

Joanne Holter

Alison Digney


Diagnostic Laboratories

Gribbles IDEXX LIC



James Richardson Carl Eden Rosemary Thresher

Sandra Forsyth

Jo Drake Andrew Mac Pherson Anne Lowe Rae Pearson
Bernard Vaatstra Isobel Gibson Hinrich Voges  
Geoff Orbell      


Participating Veterinary Clinics

Vet Services Vet Life Totally Vet Vet Ent
West Coast Vet Vet South WVS Eltham Vet Services
Vet Centre Bay Of Island Vet Services    


Financial Sponsors

We are grateful to the following organizations for providing direct financial support to the project.
Ministry Of Primary Industries AGMARDT ZOETIS MSD
Massey University Massey University