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The BVD Free project team brings together expertise from a wide range of disciplines to help New Zealand farmers build the best BVD control programme for their businesses.

Carolyn Gates

Project Manager

Carolyn completed her veterinary degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010 concentrating in farm animal production medicine and veterinary public health.  This was followed by a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2013 modelling the spread of infectious cattle diseases through the UK livestock trade networks including BVD and bTB.  After a two-year break in clinical practice, she joined Massey University in 2015 where she currently teaches epidemiology, economics, and herd health planning across all years of the veterinary degree.  Her research focuses on building interactive tools and resources to better support decision-making at the animal, farm, and industry levels.  As the science leader and project manager for BVDFree, Carolyn is responsible for designing and coordinating the research activities that are providing the evidence needed to develop a business case for BVD eradication.

Roger Ellison

Chair Person

Cord Heuer

Key Researcher

Jenny Weston

Key Researcher

Laryssa Howe

Key Researcher

Caitlin Evans

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Caitlin is an Animal Science graduate from Adelaide, South Australia. In 2017 she completed her PhD in Veterinary Science from the University of Adelaide where she investigated the epidemiological and clinical effects associated with BVD infections in sheep and other commonly farmed Australian livestock species. On completion of her PhD Caitlin worked at the University of Adelaide’s Production Animal Health Centre as an Animal Technician, before accepting a postdoctoral research position with Massey University’s EpiCentre. Caitlin’s role with the ‘BVD Free NZ’ project team is to work in conjunction with Carolyn to coordinate the research activities that are providing the evidence needed to develop a business case for BVD eradication.

Jun-Hee Han

PhD Student

Christine Cunningham

Finance Manager